Pixel Trouble

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a special inter-university competition called "Academia" that led to a very unique internship opportunity with Ubisoft. The objective of the competition was to assemble a team and develop a prototype of a game over a semester, using the Unreal Engine and following the theme of 'Corruption' (amongst other rules). With my team at Centre NAD, we did Vulturine (you can check it out in the projects section) for this competition.

Following that competition, the best teams were merged to further develop the prototype that was deemed the best of the bunch. We were a team of 24 students, with a timetable of 34 days. From the many hours of overtime and dedication emerged Pixel Trouble!

Pixel Trouble is an adventure game set in the universe of another game, Super Adventure Land 3D, that has been corrupted by viruses. You control Stream McFluffy, a debugger who is set on cleaning the mess up. Armed with a Pixel Gun, you can create platforms of your own choosing to navigate where you want to go.

The game was designed mainly for a Windows Xbox 360 Controller for the PC. You can play with the keyboard, but the game is not localized for it (and it has some bugs with the menus).

Luck was shining upon me that day, I was chosen to be the Art Director of the game! Beside my main role to overlook the visuals of Pixel Trouble, I was also responsible for the animations (rigging and skinning some of the characters), most of the lighting, some textures and part of the FX.

It was truly a great experience and I enjoyed it very much. I would like to thank everyone that was part of this project for the awesome times we had! Almost all of the members of Pixel Trouble ares now employed at Ubisoft Montreal.

The game was featured on:
Many players made videos on youtube. One of them even got on top of the tree!

Game Info:

Playtime: ~2.5 hours
Levels: 2 Worlds, 2 Bosses, 1 Tutorial
Saving: Automatic (although menus are messed up with the keyboard, so you won't be able to load your game with it. Use an Xbox360 controller if you have one...)

You can download the FULL VERSION here: Pixel Trouble - PC Full Game

Game Screenshots:


Forest Level:


Canyon level: