Vulturine is 3rd person platformer prototype game, my team from Centre NAD and I did back in April 2012. We did this for the 2012 Ubisoft Academia Contest and we were 5 to make this.

Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, You assume the role of Joanna, a young pirate who finds herself on a mystical Island with a strange flying creature that wants her to follow him. This will eventually lead her to some crazy adventures in this god forsaken place!

Thanks to for the awesome music!

Character Modeler/ FX- Agustin Trechi
Animation/ Level Design- Fanny Campagnie
Animation/ FX- Michael Meltchenko
Animation/ Rigging- Youssef Semache
Environment Artist/ Level Design- Viro Nhek

We won the following at  the Ubisoft Academia contest 2012:
- Winner of the best animation award
- Winner of the best design award

Behind the scenes:

Here are some videos for my contribution on the project about things  like the destruction of the temple, main character rigging, etc

Joanna's body rig demo:

Pillar bridge trigger event destruction:

Pillars falling in domino and creating a path:

A pillar getting destroyed by corruption:

Final scene, pillars falling from all sides: